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Petitions in Support of Belarus

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Open Petitions

Sign Appeal of the Belarusians of the World and Friends of Belarusian People to the President of the International Olympic Committee

Started 1 month ago.


Sign under the open letter to Cloudfare to suspend services to Started 1 month ago.


Sign to Call for OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Belarus to observe and report in an impartial and objective way on the situation in Belarus, to prevent torture and other forms of ill-treatment to monitor trials over the detained persons, to facilitate dialog among all parties to the crisis. Started 2 month ago.


Sign the petition to Ford Motor Company, ŠKODA AUTO, Opel, Volkswagen to terminate your business partnerships with the Belarusian government under Alexander Lukashenko.

Started 2 month ago.


Sign to send a letter to US State Department to demand to cease the violence, impose sanctions and damand that Belarus holds new fair elections.

Started 3 month ago.


Sign the petition to US Congress to impose personal sanctions on Alexander Lukashenko.

Started 3 month ago.


Sign the petition to recognise Svetlana Tikhanovskaya as the only legitimate President of Belarus.

Started 3 month ago.


Sign the petition to European Commission, European Parliament and Council of the European Union to impose personal sanctions - a travel ban and asset freeze - against the Lukashenka regime supporters.

Started 3 month ago.


Sign the petition to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus to end the violence against protesters, ensure that the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and expression are respected and ensure that all law enforcement officials interacting with the public are individually identifiable through name or personal number tags and take all other necessary steps to ensure the full accountability of members of law enforcement agencies and their commanding officers for all their actions.


Closed petitions

The people of Belarus are fighting for free and fair elections. The US needs to shine a light on the crimes of Lukashenko.

916 signed of 100 000.

View The Petition

Protect The People of The Republic Of Belarus from Dictator Occupation (Lukashenko).

1728 signed of 100 000.

Petition for U.S. Sanctions Against the Government of Belarus, Its Alleged President Aleksandr Lukanshenko.

189 signed of 100 000.


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