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Support Belarusian Pro-Democracy Activists and Their Families

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

On the night of August 9, riot police used water cannons, stun grenades to disperse peaceful protesters all over Belarus. People’s only ‘fault’ was the demand for fair vote count at the presidential election.

Hundreds of Belarusians were injured and thousands were arrested in the act of unprecedented police brutality. In Minsk, a prisoner transport vehicle ran rammed a crowd of people, injuring at least two people and possibly killing another.

This was a culmination of the months-long wave of detentions of peaceful protesters and supporters of alternative candidates-to-be in the upcoming presidential election. Journalists, bloggers, and politicians are thrown into jail under trumped-up charges. Repressions are reaching regular people who are brave enough to wear a t-shirt with a protest slogan or stand in a line to buy one.

Where does the money go?

We ask you to support victims of repressions and their families by sending a donation to #BY_help – a civic campaign that collects funds to help detainees and their families with their basic needs: payment of fines, access to lawyers, or compensation for the loss of the only source of income, as well as much needed medical support to the injured. Since 2017, the campaign has gathered dozens of thousand US dollars, all of which have been given away to those in need.

You can support the fundraising by donating here:

Via Facebook
Via PayPal

Official website


If you know someone in need of help, send them the link to the support claim form.

Subscribe to #BY_help accounts on Facebook, Telegram, Instagram for the latest updates.

Thank you for your solidarity. For our and your freedom!

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