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Donate to victims affected by the arbitrariness of the security forces

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Collection of assistance for victims of repressions in Belarus.

Belarus has escalated the political situation, which resulted in a large number of innocent people who need legal, psychological, and financial assistance. The Fund accepts applications from those in need and distributes this assistance based on the principles of openness, transparency, accountability, and respect for the rights and freedoms of citizens.

Where do money go?

- Medical assistance to victims of the abuse of security forces.

- Compensation to those who lost their jobs because of their political views, as well as those who refused to follow criminal orders during rallies in Belarus.

How to help?

Donate: PayPal | Cypto via Coinbase | GoFundMe

Volunteer: Submit an application at the website of the fund.

Share the link to the page in Social media and among your friends.

How to get help?

Fill out the form on the website of the fund.

If you have problems filling out the form please contact us via Telegram or email

How to provide an evidence that help is needed?

When receiving medical assistance, you must provide

- a certificate from a medical institution about the injuries received

- or photo-video evidence of the injuries received, and brief description of the circumstances in which the injuries were received.

When receiving job loss assistance, you must provide

- a copy of the work book.

- and brief description of the circumstances under which the dismissal occurred.

How much assistance can you get?


- minor injuries: 650 BYN

- medium weight: 1300 BYN

- serious bodily injury: 1950 BYN

Job Loss:

- 650 BYN - this application can be submitted once a month.

Based on the information received, funds will be allocated if funds are available in the fund and all requirements are verified.

More info about "Belarus Together" Fund:

Belarus Together Inc. charity company, legally decorated in the United States of America. The fund is International Foundation, so everyone can contribute.

The Fund plans to function as follows:

- Official website: belarustogether.ORG

- The official Facebook account will open reports on the movement of funds and the direction of these funds.

- The official Instagram of the fund includes a report of help, people's reviews, and the latest information on the situation in the country.

#belarustogether #belarus2020

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